Julian Alvizo ’24 — My name is Julian Alvizo and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I would like to first thank WLAIP for not only funding my internship, but also helping adjust and get through my first year at Wabash college. I would also like to thank Roy Kaplan for helping find and secure this internship. Without their help I would have not been able to receive such an amazing opportunity and a great experience.

This summer I had the pleasure to work for Choice Wellness Company. I worked with the CEO of the company Chenel Darby. The internship was virtual, but it has still been a great experience. I work with Chanel Darby on creating new content for the app for the next year. I also had the pleasure of joining her in toastmaster meetings as well as helping and attending a financial workshop. We are currently working on a holiday workout projection.

This internship has given me a sense of responsibility, as there are certain deadlines I have to meet as well as planning everything out. Which leads me to learn a bit of time management, as this internship has also given me the ability to be flexible about how I went on with my day. Thus I had to plan how to get these projects done and the amount of content I had to create as well. This is also taught me to always plan ahead, as for the app I have to create content for the rest of the year as well for another year.