Jordan Reel ’23 — First, I would like to thank the Wabash Public Policy Project (WPPP) for funding my internship with the Attorney General’s Office this summer, as well as the Wabash Liberal Arts Immersion Program (WLAIP) for funding my second internship on campus. Both of these programs allowed me to enjoy the many benefits of my internship experiences without having to stress about the costs coming out of my pocket. If it were not for these programs, I would not have been able to afford the daily expenses that both programs required, so I am indebted to the kindness Wabash has shown me over these past eight weeks.

During my internship with the Attorney General’s Office, I was able to take part in many on-going investigations and research projects which offered me a one-of-a-kind experience within the legal field. From doing legal research to sitting in on calls about out-of-state investigations, my time with the Attorney General’s Office gave me valuable experience that extends far beyond the office walls. I was able to make all sorts of new connections that I know will be beneficial in the future and even possibly help me land a job post-graduation. Most importantly, this opportunity allowed me to understand the daily operations of government employed lawyers and how they operate their case work.

This internship also enhanced many of my researching and communication skills seeing that many of my projects were team-oriented and required thorough communication with the other interns in my section. Even more so, some of my fellow interns were also Wabash men which really pushed me to do my best work seeing that I was working alongside men that I had known for quite sometime which forced me to hold myself accountable for doing my best work.

After completing this first internship, I was blessed with the opportunity to also be an academic tutor and mentor for the WLAIP. During this internship I was able to enhance my tutoring and communication skills due to the constant questions and ideas that the students came to me with about their papers and speeches. As a result, I was able to really hone-in on my communication skills and making sure that my ideas and thoughts were understood by the students and seen as constructive criticism to help improve their writing. Along with this came the many new relationships that I was able to make with the incoming students and the new friendships that blossomed from our daily interactions. From giving advice about dorms and living units to cooking burgers for them at cookouts, my experience with these students was something that changed my outlook on both myself and this new class of Wabash students.

I would once more like to thank both with WPPP and the WLAIP for these amazing opportunities and the gracious compensation that I received from both. It is truly a blessing to be apart of such a caring and motivating institution!