Isaac Temores ’22 — First, I want to thank the NSF Grant, the Evans Fund, and the Psychology Department at Wabash College for making my internship a reality. This summer, I interned for Dr. Karen Gunther and worked with my colleague and friend Alex Naylor ’24.

In particular, I assisted Dr. Karen Gunther with her research in color vision, which is devoted to understanding the neural mechanisms we have to detect certain stimuli in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) and the cortex. I was the test subject for Dr. Karen Gunther while conducting other subject matters and reading articles. In late September, Alex Naylor ’24 and I will travel to Seattle, WA, to present our research. Alex Naylor ’24 and I will create a poster and an abstract paper.

My overall knowledge of several topics has increased immensely. First, I learned a lot about how to conduct impactful research. Second, I learned how to conduct ethical research, such as using animal subjects, consent, research grants, etc. Third, I learned more about the mechanisms in our visual system and how we perceive color. Fourth, I learned a lot about computer programming and using matrix laboratory (MATLAB) to execute different programs.

Once again, I want to thank Dr. Karen Gunther for selecting me and her mentorship. Also, I want to thank Alex Naylor ’24 for being a great work colleague. Lastly, I want to give a huge thanks to Wabash College for allowing me to do something like this, which may not have been possible at a public university.