This summer I was an intern at the Fusion 54 building in Crawfordsville. During my time at the Fusion building I was able to learn new computer programs that are vital to effective communication in the workplace. Due to Fusion 54’s importance in the community, they work closely with many forms of local government. This connection provided a strong working knowledge of how government can benefit entrepreneurs/small business owners. Being from Crawfordsville it was easy to recognize the importance of the work being done at Fusion 54. Funding is an essential part of business, but sadly it is hard to find funding for startups in Montgomery County. A large part of my internship was exploring the funding options for entrepreneurs in the area. Being successful in this internship was not only important for my internship but important to me as I know many business owners in the area. Working with the people in Fusion 54 offered a testing ground for new skills which I had learned in the BIP program with Wabash College.The BIP program has taught me so many vital skills not only to be successful in a career but in life. I have become skilled in Microsoft Excel, learned the thought processes behind making business decisions, A3 thinking, and most importantly to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. My internship experiences this summer have taught me how to make connections with anyone who you may meet. These connections form the base of relationships which may further your knowledge or skills. The importance of soft skills (interpersonal skills) cannot be overstated. A fact which I always tried to downplay due to my inherent lack of social grace. Being forced into growing my soft skills I feel immensely more prepared to represent the Wabash community. Wabash College is a great place to grow academically, but ultimately a place to grow as a man.