This summer, I have the opportunity of being a Marketing Intern for the Wabash College Enrollment Office. I have taken on several responsibilities, and I enjoy tackling the different challenges the office gives me. This internship has helped me become better with people, technology, and writing. I have become better with people during a project I have been working on recently. I am currently collaborating with various on-campus organizations to digitalize the process of students selecting living units. This process is very reliant on other people taking the initiative to complete a task, so I have had to improve my leadership skills and learn how to convince multiple people to do a job they do not have to do.  

I have also made tremendous leaps in my technological skills. I have had no communication with my boss or fellow interns outside of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. During this internship, I have had dozens of meetings and have given several virtual campus tours using Zoom, and all of my files and other non-video communications are on Teams. Beginning this internship, I was comfortable enough with both that I could have used them if I had to, but now using Zoom and Teams to communicate is second nature. I have also begun to familiarize myself with the system Enrollment uses to track and recruit prospective students. I have become fluent in this system and have used it to gather insights and data to help the college’s recruitment efforts in the future.  

Lastly, I have become a better communicator. To encourage student engagement, I am required to write one blog per week and upload it to the college’s website, and I am writing a letter to all incoming high school Juniors. Writing these blogs every week has helped me think about using testimony and humor to shape my message and ideas so the audience will better understand them.  

I am very thankful for Career Services providing this opportunity for me. It has helped me to become better with people, technology, and writing. I have built up skills that will be of great use to me in the workforce, especially after the current pandemic, as the world will be much more reliant on relating to people through writing and technology than it has ever been before.