Cameron Martin ’21–This summer, I am interning at the Montgomery County Health Department in Crawfordsville, Indiana. My main project for the summer has been to promote the new vaccination program at the health department. I have made posters, updated the website, and written a newspaper article about the vaccination program and the importance vaccinations in general. With the other interns, I have been on restaurant, home, and pool inspections. A big project for all the interns is vector control with mosquitoes. We go out and set traps around the county to catch mosquitoes, look at what species are at each site, and then send them to the Indiana State Health Department to see if they are carrying any diseases such as West Nile and Zika. I have learned a great deal and have gained an appreciation for all that health departments do around the county. Before working at the health department, I did not realize how many things the health department is responsible for. As a student who is currently applying to medical school, the health department has allowed me to see how much doctors can benefit from working with their local health departments. They can greatly influence a community’s health by working on preventative carein medicine by reducing risk factors, encouraging safe environments, and educating the community about different health issues and what people can do to help. Currently, the health departments are essential, and being able to intern during a pandemic has been very rewarding because I get to see all the things the health department controls and regulates. Also, with all the racial injustice protests going on around the country, the health department is taking a new look into the social determinants of health. They are looking at ways to combat them so that any person, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or social class, can achievethe same quality of life and health. Overall, I have learned a lot in the internship, and I believe that I will continue learning new things about the community and how the community’s health is managedas the internship continues.