Beckwith ’23: Fusion 54

Beckwith ’23

Caden Beckwith ’23–My summer at work experience was very beneficial to me. I interned at the Fusion 54 coworking studio. Fusion 54 is a branch of the Crawfordsville Indiana Chamber of Commerce tasked with providing entrepreneurs in the local community a place to collaborate and generate ideas with other entrepreneurs. My job at Fusion 54 was to generate marketing ideas to help them reach the local business owners and entrepreneurs. I also created content to help Fusion 54 members find access to capital and create an online presence through ecommerce. Finally, I helped Fusion 54 gain transition from their old website to Proximity.   

I learned many valuable skills that will be applicable to my career going forward. I learned that a possible business model for marketing your good or service can be to produce free content. This technique is a good way to build brand trust and create awareness around your good or service. I also learned perseverance when trying to find someone with experience raising capital for their business. It took me many tries to find someone willing to share the process, requirements, and lessons of raising capital from angle investors, venture capitalists, and other high net worth individuals. I am not only excited about learning the basics of these skills but have the passion to further cultivate my skills going forward. 

The most valuable lessons came from creating content for small business owners wanting to grow their online presence. For this I created instruction guides, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, and webinars for Fusion 54 members. I spent many hours doing research on the best developers and how best to teach members how to set one up. This taught me the ins and outs of starting a virtual business. I feel confident in my ability to start an online business if I choose to continue that path.  

Fusion 54 taught me many valuable skills. I learned communication, perseverance, and technical skills that will surely put me ahead of the pack when I go to apply for jobs in the future. Not only did I gain valuable skills, but I helped grow the Crawfordsville community by advising small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to create new sales avenues with an online presence. I am very grateful for the Wabash Alum that contributed to this summer experience.