Javier Araujo ’21 LABB Intern– Learning at Wabash will inevitably take you to the source of learning. As a LABB Intern, I got the unique experience to visit Enfocus and Trek10 in South Bend, and the famous Triton Brewing Co. headquartered in Indianapolis.

South Bend, home of the Fighting Irish and at one point in time the Studebaker car factory. An unexpected turn and the factory was closed down in 1967, and 14 hundred square foot space was left. Since then; future condominiums have been planned, startups built, and Purdue purchased space to hold classes in the Fall. The fleet of Wabash vans arrived in the parking lot. It seemed that no life surrounded the giant building. When we entered, I witnessed one of the most well-designed office spaces. Enfocus’ primary goal is empowering communities through city granted projects. If you have been to South Bend, you have seen the river lights, thank you Enfocus. One of their primary goals along with the mayor is retention rates. Notre Dame graduates get their degree and end up just about anywhere in the nation or young business professionals instead settle elsewhere. To increase retention, they have made significant changes to the city of South Bend. Trek10 has aided that cause as well. Wabash graduate Wesley Virt has started his company Explorer Interactive, a new interactive learning aid for teachers. The app works with small cards with pictures on them, using the camera from your phone the card will show the image in 3D with information on that precise subject whether it be a science or math subject. That was just Thursday.

On Friday, We visited Triton Brewing Co. located in Indianapolis.  I didn’t get to sample any craft beer from Triton Brewing Co. However, I did get to taste the root beer and I highly would recommend it to anyone. Triton has a fantastic history starting with its name. Triton is the messenger of the sea, and the central message is water. David Waldman ’93 is the proud founder and a member Kappa Sigma. David has taken steps in reaching new market segments with the water he uses to brew. Triton doesn’t just make beer. They predict trends and brew based on demand and keeping a keen eye on the craft beer competitors.

One last thought, this is the first year that the LABB program consists of freshmen from the direct admit application for the CIBE. That being said, I feel there is an expectation among those in the CIBE to meet the expectation withholding the title of partner this fall. After seeing and talking to all the entrepreneurs, it is truly inspiring that anything is available through hard work. More than half-way through LABB I can see that there are customers and there is a pain point, you have to find it. For those who are discouraged that Wabash does not have a business major, I would say that 1-in-8 Wabash graduates have CEO in their job title. However, my main point would be to reference the companies Wabash Alumni own, and as Roland Morin says, “I think Wabash does business just fine.”