David Thomas ’19 SafeHiring Solutions – Interning at SafeHiring Solutions was truly a great experience. I couldn’t have thought of a better introduction to working in a professional setting; this experience has proven invaluable to my professional development by providing a greater understanding of the office workspace. Upon completion of this internship, I now have sufficient confidence in my ability to work as an effective employee in a team of coworkers.  An experience such as this would not have been possible without the generosity of the Lilly Endowment. I would like to begin this piece with a message of gratitude to the benefactors of the Lilly Endowment:

Thank you for your support of all the internships that received funding through the endowment. It is an honorable service to provide developmental opportunities for students, which in turn will contribute to greater public advancement. Thank you for making my internship experience with SafeHiring Solutions possible.

To those who aren’t familiar with the company, SafeHiring Solutions primarily specializes in background screening. It is a small yet reliable firm that has a client base spanning across America and around certain parts of the world (mostly in Europe). Most of their revenue is generated through background screening; other auxiliary revenues are generated by the sale of other security-related products, such as a visitor management system (SafeVisitor) and an automated reference checking service (Reflynk). Their success has earned them the INC. 500 award for being one of the fastest growing firms in America. Overall, SafeHiring Solutions has the vision to provide the most comprehensive and reliable security solutions on the market. This demonstrated prowess is what attracted me to apply for an internship with them.

My summer tenure with SafeHiring Solutions consisted of creating advertisement materials, aiding business development, and providing sales assistance.  By the numbers, I created 8 informational flyers, 26 seasonal/informational postcards, and a 62-page manual for their visitor management system, SafeVisitor.  Because SafeHiring Solutions is relatively comparable to a startup company, the most exciting part is that all the work I was able to contribute is actually usable (as opposed to monotonous labor for a well-established corporation).  I worked with my fellow interns with their sales projects, supplying sales material for their customer outreach.  Finally, I participated in business meetings, a company volunteering event, and numerous side projects supplied by our director.  Needless to say, it has been a very busy 8 weeks!

The greatest takeaway from this internship is how it centered my focus for particular skills that I need to develop, especially with regard to my further education.  Interning with a background screening company gave me a unique insight into how people are processed in the justice system.  This internship has greatly fueled my drive to go to law school to study intellectual property and privacy law.  Furthermore, the demand for technical skills such as web development, software programming, and digital design was an ever present theme throughout this internship.  I plan to pursue basic training in programming and learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite software in the coming years.  Overall, this internship was an extremely valuable learning curve.