Will Yank Photo Final
Will Yank ’19 (Far left in navy) presents business plan during LABB 2016

William Yank ’19 LABB 2016- Over the course of the Liberal Arts Bridge to Business internship we focused on a consulting project with Wabash College that has supplemented me with the ability to test all of the skills we have learned thus far. An exciting learning opportunity arose as the project progressed. We as LABB interns learned the importance of a confidentiality agreement and what goes into such an agreement. The most valuable experience out of the consulting project, I found, was the teamwork aspect. After seven weeks of working on numerous business plans, negotiation teams, and business pitches together we all grew to know each other very well. Once, we were able to identify our strengths and weaknesses it made delegating the respective tasks to the consulting project that much easier. On top of that, it allowed us to work in areas we enjoyed and interacted with teammates who thought similarly to ourselves. I found that our consulting project provided an in-depth, real life example that forced the utilization of the various skills we have picked up since starting LABB. Another aspect of the project that I found beneficial was the collaboration with an actual institution. Communication between Wabash College and LABB interns proved to be crucial. Budgeting information, the project’s goals, the focus of the project, were all debriefed to us and facilitated a more conducive environment to come to a solution. Overall, the consulting project is not only a real-life application of the skills I discussed but a story I will be able to utilize in the future. Being a part of an assignment that directly impacts my school made the situation all the more real. Lastly, I want to thank the Lilly Endowment for supplementing me with this opportunity because the knowledge and experiences I have gained through this internship will be immensely beneficial as I pursue future internships and career paths.