Taylor Chilton ’17 LABB 2016-When starting this program I went in blind and did not know what to expect from this opportunity. Now I cannot believe all the experience I have gained from entering this program. From writing business plans, to financials, to being LEAN certified, and meeting alumni who may put my life on the right path in the near future, this internship has been fantastic. I cannot thank Roland enough for the opportunity. During week 6 of our internship we worked on our business plan for our application idea. I was in charge of what we would be spending our money on in terms of advertising, and also how we planned to make a profit. When doing prior presentations we discovered that our biggest revenue stream would be from data collection. My group then made that a priority by looking at all the ventures that we could sell to and generated a number for our profit. Going through this tough and tedious process has taught me a lot about the importance of small details and that revenue and profit can be generated from a multitude of areas. In the end, the goal is not to be straight and narrow with your idea of success, but to be flexible in the fact that life will push in a different direction, but to the same end goal. Thank you to the Lilly Endowment for enabling me participate in this program. It has been a blessing.