Deonte Simpson Photo
Simpson ’18 at Global Access Point

Deonte Simpson ’18 Global Access Point- The summer of 2016 definitely beats last year’s summer. My time in South Bend, Indiana has been  one to remember. I had a unique job that required much learning and practice, lived with great people that I experienced great times with, and I learned valuable life skills.

My job was social media marketing for a data center/colocation provider called Global Access Point. The company leases space to companies that need, or want an area to store their IT equipment, and they even help them manage the equipment. My job was to make that fun and attractive to various audiences, so I’m sure you can imagine it was a learning curve. It was fun nonetheless, and I learned much about the art of social media marketing, graphic design, and more. Early on, I definitely struggled, but with persistence I improved.

I met great people and experienced events that will last a lifetime in my memory bank. As an intern, I have to say that I was very fortunate in terms of housing. The house was a nice place, but even better than that, I lived with 5 other Wabash men. Although one of the men was a graduate of 2006, and I knew none of the others prior to arriving in the city, the Wabash traditions held strong and we quickly bonded like most roommates during freshman year. We have embarked on many adventures throughout Indiana, and we have even ventured off into Michigan.

This experience has helped me practice many life skills that are essential to developing into a responsible adult. I realized that I am a really good cook, and I enjoy cooking. Wabash is changing my life for the better.