Bryan Roberts ’18 Hanapin Marketing-I have spent my summer of 2016 working at Hanapin Marketing, which is located in Bloomington, Indiana.  Hanapin Marketing was founded by Wabash grad Pat East, and my internship was paid for by the Lilly Endowment.  I cannot thank the Lilly Endowment enough for allowing me to have such an amazing opportunity to learn about the PPC industry and gain professional skills I can use in my future career.

At Hanapin I was a Digital Marketing Intern, more specifically a services intern.  Before starting at Hanapin I knew nothing about PPC advertising or that it even existed in the first place.  PPC is advertising done on search engines such as Google and Bing, as well as social media such as Facebook.  Companies will bid to have their ads come up when a user types in a certain keyword into a search engine; those ads that come up are managed by Hanapin for their clients to optimize relevant traffic and reach goals that their clients set for their specific business.

As a services intern I aided in optimizing client’s accounts.  Day to day I mainly analyzed search queries to rid accounts of irrelevant traffic, analyzed data on the optimal time of day for ads, and provided new ad copy for ads.  Each day my supervisor would check in on me to make sure I had things to do and other than that he let me do my own work and seek out the things I wanted to learn.  Hanapin has pushed me to learn the things that I want to while also providing structured teaching sessions so that I can learn about the PPC industry.

Over the course of my internship aside from the daily work, I completed two different projects on accounts.  On one I pitched a new Facebook ad campaign and the strategy in which should be used to all those who work on the account.  In the other, I presented ways to optimize an account to better reach goals and improve the company’s website.

This internship has been amazing experience not only because of the incredibly interesting industry Hanapin works in, but also because of Hanapin’s culture as a company.  Every day the office has music playing and two whole drawers dedicated to snacks, which are available to all employees, even interns!

Every single person in the office is incredibly welcoming and will not hesitate to stop what they are doing to teach you.  It is no wonder that Hanapin was voted one of the best places to work in Indiana.

I cannot thank the Lilly Endowment enough for allowing me to have such a wonderful learning experience.  And thanks to Hanapin and Pat East for hosting me!​