The Wabash Network: Familiar Faces

Travis Janeway ’09 – So far this year I have had the pleasure of seeing some great Wabash men come through Louisville. In January, Tom Runge came in to meet with a group of local alumni to jump start a Kentuckiana alumni chapter. A little miscommunication led Mr. Runge and I to the New Albanian in downtown New Albany, IN. The others went to a different location. Even though we didn’t accomplish what was planned, it was great to catch up and shoot the breeze about Wabash football and basketball over a craft beer and chorizo hash. 
Senior Will Hoffman surprised me one Friday with a call saying he was rolling through town. His sister lives a few blocks away from my apartment – small world. We met and I took them to a dive bar down the street. It was great to catch up. Will is definitely someone I look up to. It may seem weird to look up to someone younger than you, but Will’s character demands respect. He is a great guy and a great leader. However, he is just one of many great Wabash Men out there.
A little blast from the past really took me by surprise one night as some new buddies and I were out and about. It may seem like this blog is all about going out and socializing, but in my defense Louisville is a party town. Trust me, I work hard between grad school and an internship… I can play hard too. Anyway, out of nowhere comes Kyle Piazza and his wonderful fiancé. We said hello with a big embrace.
Kyle was one of the first Wabash Men I met as a freshman football player headed off to camp Day 1 of my 4 year journey at Wabash. He helped me out a lot that first semester of football. He was a senior and I just a wide-eyed freshmen getting my bell rung in practice. Kyle is another guy I looked up to. After a few years, I hope to catch up with him this weekend. Plus, he lives literally around the corner from my place!
The Wabash network is real. I had no doubts, but never expected I’d see three in three months. For a small school in a little Indiana town which graduates just under two hundred men a year, we get it done. The network isn’t all that big in number, but Wabash Men understand the importance of connections. We are connected by our common bond of a Wabash education and the pride in our alma mater. In the real world, it’s all about who you know.   I am proud to know many of my connects are Wabash Men.