Investigating Law School

Grant McCloskey ’12 – I was a little apprehensive when I registered to attend the IU-Indianapolis Law School visit. While law is something that has always interested me, I have also always had concerns about whether I was up to the challenge of the rigorous academic and emotional demands. When the opportunity presented itself to attend this visit, I put my apprehensions aside and signed up. I am certainly happy that I decided to attend. The visit opened my eyes and eased many of my concerns.
The IU-Indy campus has beautiful components. The atrium in the law school building extended for three stories with the library on the east side, faculty offices on the south and classrooms covering the entire west and north sides. The library was mind blowing. As we traversed through its three floors it was hard to distinguish one from the other.
Aside from getting away from the friendly confines of Wabash for an afternoon, I am really glad I went on this visit. It made me realize that this is something that I can see myself pursuing in the future. It also made me realize how much work it is going to take to finish my undergraduate strong, and how much work it will take to make it in law school.

Student/Alumni Networking Dinner

Adam Andrews ’12 – Tonight’s Alumni/Student Health Care Business Networking Dinner was nothing short of excellent. The event was attended by eight alumni, who represent nearly half a century of Wabash tradition of dedication and excellence.  Around twenty current Wabash students, including myself, partook in dinner and conversation at the networking event, hosted by Wabash Career Services. 

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The purpose of this event transcended the idea of what students traditionally associate the health care industry with, mainly the intricacies of biological terminology and the insurmountable stresses associated with entrance exams to medical school. However, the purpose of this event was to underscore to Wabash students the concurrent realm associated with the health care industry that is often overlooked- the business perspective. All in all, every conceivable career endeavor of a student is intimately connected with the business realm, and the health care industry makes no exception. The event presented the infinite possibilities that the business realm provides in its association with health care, which each prominent and gracious alumnus in attendance represented. Students were exposed to career opportunities, which cultivate personal interests in business through a means that they had likely never considered.   From a personal standpoint, this event broadly expanded my view of the business world and further alleviated any concerns I previously had harbored in regard to relating my Wabash education to the business realm. This event exemplified how universally applicable a degree from Wabash can be in contemporary society.

I continue to be enthralled and inspired by the enthusiasm and generosity of all Wabash alumni.  The exchange of knowledge and experience that the alumni facilitate through Career Services events is undoubtedly invaluable, and tonight’s networking dinner marked no exception. I have confidence that the enlightening conversations that I was a part of were likewise as beneficial as those my peers engaged in during the dinner. Through speaking with Jared Stark ’94, the Executive Director of St. Francis Hospital – Mooresville, I gained a much clearer understanding of the business aspect of Hospital Administration. Mr. Stark’s job function is very similar to that of many top commercial business executives. 

Before tonight, my ignorance to the essential business facets of hospitals and health care entities had led me to rule out the health care industry as a potential future career field. In addition, Kevin Gearheart ’98, Chief Operating Officer of Dr. Tavel Optical Group, reinforced the importance of continued acquisition of business knowledge through summer internships and throughout the academic year. During my entrepreneurial internship with Andrew Shelton ’03, Owner of TrackPack Coolers, I spent a great deal of time learning about Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.) and Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.). I spoke with Mr. Gearheart about S.E.M. and S.E.O. efforts by Dr. Tavel Optical Group, and he gave me invaluable advice on resources and means of continuing my education on these skills outside of the workplace. It was great to be able to relate to and understand part of Mr. Gearheart’s marketing efforts because of knowledge and skills acquired with TrackPack Coolers. These experiences can both be viewed congruently as the product of Wabash alumni’s dedication to continued student development through the unfathomable Wabash bond.

Networking events such as this one highlight the dedication of the Wabash Career Services staff to connecting generations of Wabash men through similar educational backgrounds and career pursuits. Furthermore, this event’s focus towards emphasizing the notion of business’ intimate relationship with a wide variety of career choices will be one of the prominent focuses of the Wabash Business Leaders Program, which is set to commence in the spring semester of 2010. Angie Cook-Smith, Coordinator of the Business Leaders Program, will host an informational session for all students interested in the program on Monday, November 16, at 7 p.m. in Goodrich Hall 104. Further details about the informational session can be found on Wabash Works, and information on the Business Leader Program can be found at

Photos by Alex Moseman ’11