Monday Night Football

Betsy Knott – Go to the students. Think like them. That is often how our planning sessions start during the summer when we’re trying to figure out how to get more students to eventually walk through our front door.
Adam Miller ’12, a summer intern and peer advisor in our office, brought up the idea of hosting an event that included burgers, Monday Night Football, and Career Services. Okay, so maybe the event doesn’t sound like the perfect intro into finding that dream job or internship, but it may get the conversation going.
And, ultimately, that’s all we’re after. Getting to know the students; wherever, whenever, and however they feel comfortable to start talking. We say it at least once a day in our office: If we know you, we can help you. If we don’t, we can’t.
See a Alex Moseman ’11 photos here.
Last night’s event was a great success. Enormous thanks go out to Adam Bowen, Media Services Specialist, and Brent Harris, Director of Sports Information and Sports Marketing, for assisting with the set up of the event and all that comes with it. Adam Miller ‘12, along with Will Hoffman ’10 and Jon Hogge ’10, presidents of the Sphinx Club and Independent Men’s Association, also deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.
Bottom line is we saw some new faces last night. We handed out resume guides, t-shirts, and plenty of burgers to the crowd.   We know we made some new connections last night, and look forward to doing this kind of event again.

One day experience broadened my understanding of advertising

Yangnan Liu ’12, Peer Advisor

I never imagined a one-day experience could give me another whole aspect of advertising in one of the leading agencies. I was always thinking advertising was something only related to commercial making, graphic design and brand promotion. It’s a totally visual and artistic industry in my mind. However, my day spent at Malone Advertising opened my eyes of Media Buying in advertising, which is another crucial part of advertising strategy.

Located in Circle Centre in downtown Indianapolis, Malone Advertising is a professional agency primarily dealing with media buying business. Bonnie Surber, the Vice President, General Manager and Media Director, welcomed me at her office and briefly introduced the company and the business of media buying. Generally speaking, their job is to purchase advertising space in television stations, transportation (typically highway billboards), magazines and other interactive places for their customers. The work is not as simple as it sounds, because it contains abilities of analyzing, negotiation, creativity and a strong sense of competitiveness. This job is not directly related to the visual side of advertising, but still needs passion and inventiveness.

Bonnie then took me to the senior buyers’ offices. Lesley and Jay showed me their current work with one of their customers and shared their three-year career experiences in Malone Advertising. I was amazed by how creatively they helped their customer spend a limited amount of money on TV commercial spots and how well they negotiate the commercial rate with different television stations. They act as the middle person, therefore, they become very good friends with both the TV station and their customer.

After meeting Lesley and Jay, Media Director Laura specifically introduced media buying in magazines for another client. Laura’s humorous and easy going attitude impressed me a lot. “When working on magazines, we will track our customer’s main competitors to see where and how they put their advertisements, so we can respond accordingly. Of course, we should also move ahead, that’s to say, we will usually look for new places to put on our advertisements.” Laura explained.  She then gave me a tour of the offices and told me tons of stories of Malone Advertising. “Working in an agency like this does not require you to wear a suit and tie everyday. You get to enjoy yourself and be passionate about your work.” Laura said. 

My one-day externship soon came to close. The experience broadened my ideas of advertising and let me see another inspiring side of this creative industry. I love this cool place and the lovely people working here. Malone might not be the biggest and most profitable advertising agency, but it has the most little giant spirit: small in size, big in results. 

The REAL World

Blaine Cooper-Surma ’09Although I’m only a few months removed from the Wabash College campus, I’ve already gotten a good taste of the real world. At Wabash I was an Economics major, English and Religion double minor, and I also completed the Business Sequence area of concentration. In college I was a member of the Swimming and Diving Team, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and Peer Advisor at Career Services. My experiences outside the walls of Wabash College are unique, and I’m glad to be able to share them with you.

Blaine Cooper-Surma '09 (Top-Left)In November of last year, I was unsure of what I wanted to do after graduation. I think it’s safe to say that many, if not most, students find themselves in a similar situation. At that particular time I knew that I had several promising leads, all with great companies, but for me there was one career path that stuck out from the rest. After attending an info session for the Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship, I immediately became interested in the organization. The two alums presenting spoke of graduates being able to work alongside executive-level management, thriving in an entrepreneurial environment while being able to take on significant projects in their companies, and having a network of over 80 fellows to reach out to, no matter their obstacle or situation. This sounded like something that I wanted to do – I felt the need to make an immediate impact in a company, and I knew that this was the right investment for my career.
Blaine Cooper Surma '09 (Third from the Left) meets Governor Mitch Daniels
To make a long story short, I interviewed with the Orr Fellowship and became increasingly interested in one particular host company. ExactTarget, an Indianapolis-based host company of nearly 500 employees, has been involved with the Orr Fellowship since its beginning. What caught my attention was the Catapult program, which is a rotational program that allows you to rotate through three different areas of the company over a six-month time span. Spending two months in each department allows you to learn your personal strengths and weaknesses, while teaching you a great deal about the people and operations of each department. For me, this type of program was exactly what I needed. What also got me excited about ExactTarget is the fact that the company has been growing at tremendous rates of growth. I saw this as a great opportunity to join a company that I knew would allow me the prospect of moving up in the ranks and developing myself as a professional.
Lucas OilSince I have begun work at ExactTarget, my first rotation has been in Human Resources. I have primarily been recruiting and working with candidates, but I’ve also been given a couple of meaty projects that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the company. Over the past month I have been working with managers and executives to get a finalized version of our employee handbook. The handbooks have been ordered and each employee will be receiving one of these handbooks in the next couple of weeks. I have also been researching and working on a whitepaper which will assist clients in cleaning out their subscriber lists so that they comply with a new marketing law that takes effect in mid-September. Not many companies out there can provide recent graduates with the opportunity to take on significant roles in which they can make immediate improvements in the operations of their company.  As my first two months at ExactTarget are coming to an end, I am preparing to rotate into my second department. My last two rotations are Client Relationship Management and Sales Operations.  As of January 1, 2010, I will be placed in my full-time position at ExactTarget.
As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve only been working for a couple of months.  Although this is the case, being involved with the Orr Fellowship and an employee at ExactTarget has already been a tremendous experience. One of the neat things about being in the Orr Fellowship and ExactTarget is the camaraderie among both groups of recent graduates. For example, it is not uncommon to have three evening get-togethers each week where I’m spending time with one of the two groups of young professionals. We frequently have happy hours downtown, go to trivia nights at the local bar, or get together in Broad Ripple for dinner and drinks. Here are several neat things that I’ve done with the Orr Fellowship and ExactTarget thus far:
·         My Catapult class was invited to meet Governor Mitch Daniels in his office
·         Attended my first Colts game with some Orr Fellows
·         Participated in an Orr Fellowship golf outing where I was able to play alongside several of Indiana’s finest business leaders
·         Was able to meet with President of Compendium Blogware and past Orr Fellow, Ali Sales – she used the time to give us advice on how make an impact and get noticed in a growing company
·         Got box seats to an Indianapolis Indians game with the rest of the Orr Fellows where we were able to meet and interact with serial entrepreneur Mark Hill
I hope you enjoyed reading about my first couple of months in the real world. If you have any questions regarding the Orr Fellowship or ExactTarget, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can get my contact info from Scott Crawford. I will be on campus in the next couple of months doing info sessions and recruiting for both organizations.
Have a great school year!


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