AARON EMBREE ’19 was seven years old when his uncles dared him to jump off his grandparents’ diving board. They offered him a few dollars, and Embree certainly wasn’t going to turn down a chance to be the center of attention.

It’s still the same today for the self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” and this year’s North Coast Athletic Conference Diver of the Year.

“I think that’s why I’ve been interested in the sport for so long. Doing those scary dives…it’s such a rush. That feeling really doesn’t go away.”

Embree’s favorite Wabash memory is Chapel Sing. One of his favorite experiences was being in a Scarlet Masque production.


“I like the spotlight!” He smirks.

So diving is the perfect sport for him. When he’s up on the board, all eyes are on him. He loves that—even when a dive goes poorly.

“I do a really good job of coming out of the water with a big smile on my face.” He laughs. “I’ll hear the big ‘Ooooo’ come from the crowd, so I ham it up a little bit—but not too much—waving, making sure the crowd knows I’m okay.”

Embree’s diving career has ended, but the adrenaline junkie is alive and well. Granted, that drive is not as strong as it was in high school, when he got on a plane for the first time—just to jump out of it.

“I was wild in high school, but that’s not the norm here. I had to get a lot more serious, and I’ve matured a lot.

“It’s still there, but it’s waiting for the right time.” He laughs. “It’s tired.”