It’s what Kyle Warbinton ’20 wanted more of with his Sphinx Club brother Evan Hansen ’19.

It’s what the 102nd Student body president and member of the golf team named his Chapel Talk after realizing that he didn’t manage said time very well.

It’s also what he’s trying to make the most of at Wabash while encouraging others to do the same:

“First, make the most of your time with the people you surround yourself with at the College and cultivate those relationships, because you never know when they may leave you.

“Second, appreciate time in the sense of history—the storied traditions and the history of the College—including, but not limited to, the Bell Game and Chapel.

“And finally, be conscious of the time you have at the College to grow and establish yourself and learn from the leaders here that you wish to become.

“Even in the most challenging of times, Wabash Always Fights.”

—Christina Egbert