joe day

Professor Day Continues Teaching, Research

Professor Emeritus of Classics Joe Day was the Haines-Morris Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville March 22 to 23, presenting a formal talk (Elegy into Epigram: Why Elegiac Meter became Dominant in Archaic Inscribed Epigram,”) and then teaching a class, taking the Greek students through a difficult-to-read verse inscription from Eretria on Euboea.

Professor Day’s paper, “Elegy, Epigram, and the Complementarity of Text and Monument” was presented the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, in Boston, on January 5.  “A friend read it for me,” Professor Day says. “We couldn’t get to Boston because of a snowstorm.”

Professor Day, along with Professor Leslie Day and three others, also enjoyed a 19-day an archaeologically focused trip to Iran from April 12 to May 1. 1

The Days also traveled to Greece, giving joint presentations at the East Crete Research Center on Crete on May 8 and  at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens on May 23.