Director of Communications and Marketing Kim Johnson is our best photographer.

So imagine her joy (and ours!) when got the chance to spend a couple days interviewing and photographing alumni and students at one of the nation’s most picturesque vacation spots.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. 

Above you’ll find a gallery of some of our favorites of Kim’s photographs from our trip to tell the story of Courtney and Jason Bridges ’98 and the Nantucket Bike Tours internship. 

And below she describes how we got there. 


“Happy Place”

It started as a joke—me needing to go to Nantucket to photograph Ryan Cronin ’13, the first intern at Nantucket Bike Tours (WM Fall 2011). But the more we learned about Jason and Courtney Bridges and their internship program, the more we knew it was a story we needed to tell.

Nantucket is a beautiful island—the beaches, crazy-huge hydrangeas, breathtaking views from the widow’s walks, and cobblestone streets. The real beauty of our time there, though, was getting to know the island, it’s history and it’s magic through the hospitality of our Wabash family there.

We worked from sun-up to sun-down so that we could share a taste of it with you.

Just before we stepped on the ferry to leave, I bought a bracelet dotted with several white beads, two blue beads, one silver, and one yellow. The card read, “Your happy place—the sun above you, the sea to the left and right of you, surrounded by family and friends.”

Nantucket ranks right up there among my happy places, but I realized later that even in Indiana in the winter the sun is still above me, the sea is still to the left and right, and I’m surrounded by my Wabash family and friends.

My happy place.

 —Kim Johnson