Camera Always at Hand—Martin See ’74 (left) with his Ansco Panda camera and his brothers in the early 1960s.

Because he was a photographer as well as a cardiologist, the late Dr. Martin See ’74 leaves a legacy to his family well beyond memories. Through his photographs, which the family generously shared with us of publication, we glimpse how he saw the world, what captured his attention and imagination, the places and people he loved. You meet a man who celebrated his life by capturing light through the lens, and a remarkable life it was.

See wrote this in the introduction to his online photo gallery: “A family and a career as a cardiologist distracted me from photography for a few years.” And though his patients were grateful for his career choice, a glimpse at his photographs reveals the passion and skill that could have made saving moments, not lives, his profession.

Special thanks to Hugh Vandivier ’91 for putting us in touch with Dr. See’s family, and to his family for granting us access to Dr. See’s work and allowing the publication of the photos online and in the print version of WM.