“I’m always amused in conspiracy movies about Washington life and political thrillers.
First, in how efficiently everything seems to go. Nothing in real life is that efficient, in Washington at least. Second, it ignores the role of the press.
The press, when operating correctly, plays just a vital role in keeping an eye on government.”
David Kendall ’66, on this week’s Wabash on My Mind podcast

Visiting campus to deliver the keynote speech for the College’s first Public Discourse Summit, attorney and former Freedom Rider David Kendall ’66 stopped by the Wabash on My Mind studio to share his thoughts on the First Amendment, his experiences working to register voters in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer of 1964, and social media’s impact on free speech.

Read our interview with Kendall from 2001: 30 Minutes with David Kendall

“I really knew that none of us probably would get out of there alive.”—Kendall recalls his time registering voters during Freedom Summer.

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