Photographer and Wabash Communications and Marketing Specialist Kim Johnson

Steve Charles—Kim Johnson has become our go-to photographer for Wabash Magazine. The “How It’s Made” edition currently in production simply wouldn’t have been possible without her, and Kim’s images of everything from computer chips to Alaskan glaciers to ravioli-making to theater set building to fine portraits have been in front of me for the past two weeks.

And in 2011, one of Kim’s award-winning photographs hung in the Indiana Statehouse as she was among 11 honored in the Hoosier Women Artists competition. I’m fortunate to have a copy of that amazing shot, “Winter Frost,” myself.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised by the originality and excellence of the more than 100 images in her recently opened exhibit in the Mary Bishop Memorial Gallery at the Crawfordsville Public Library. But seeing all her work gathered—even after having had the privilege of publishing much of her photography, which seems to get more thoughtful and skillful with every shoot—I was taken aback by the way Kim sees the world. We glimpse just a slice of that worldview in the work she does as our communications and marketing specialist at Wabash.

“Every moment we continue to move and breathe and love and live is a miracle,” Kim says in an article on the library’s Web site. And that’s what she’s captured in these images, which seem small miracles in themselves. It’s a show that leaves you feeling refreshed, reintroduces you to the mystery of life, and may even change a bit the way you look at the world.

 The Moment It Clicks: Photography of Kim Johnson runs through August 29 at the Crawfordsville Public Library during its regular hours and is free and open to the public.