Jim Amidon — After months of meetings, planning, programming, designing, recording, and writing, today is launch day for the newly designed Wabash College website.

We greet this day with a little anxiety and a lot of pride in the collaborative work that’s gone into bringing about this new website. We made the choice to do all of the work in-house, which meant using our best people to the best of their abilities — challenging them to add the project to their already full to-do lists.

The focus of the new site is prospective students, their families, and the public. We hope the new wabash.edu home page shows people the real face of Wabash College — our mission and those qualities that make Wabash distinctive in a higher education landscape filled with look-a-like colleges and universities.

The home page will feature videos from students, faculty, and alumni telling their stories and sharing their successes. Our Voices page will include blogs from students, faculty, and staff, The Bachelor, This Week in Wabash Sports, and Chapel Talks and other videos from our YouTube channel.

The new Academics pages, while still in construction, put our majors and faculty front and center. The Wabash faculty are consistently ranked among the nation’s most engaging and most accessible professors. Now you can learn more about those people whose work with students in and out of the classroom changes lives.

The new student life page provides a nice snapshot of the ways in which Wabash men live their lives — in service to the community, leading clubs, playing sports, and governing themselves in accordance with the Gentleman’s Rule.

The new Admissions and Financial Aid pages are still developing, but we think they’re much more user-friendly and will serve prospective students and their families even better than before.

For folks within the Wabash community, the new myBash page (accessed from the top of the home page) will take them to easily accessible links to webmail, Moodle, the scheduler, and all of the tools and resources we use daily as we live and learn at Wabash.

The new Alumni Office page is another that will evolve. It includes our amazing alumni blog, and within our Alumni Voices page, you’ll find links to blogs written by alumni from all eras, all across the globe, covering an amazing range of topics. NAWM President Greg Castanias has committed to updating the alumni with a video message each time he returns to campus.

Finally, the Sports site has undergone a big transformation. This is the one part of the overall Wabash site for which we chose a partner. Using Sidearm Sports, one of the nation’s leading sports information software companies, we’re presenting the Little Giants in a whole new light. Among the many features of the new sports site are much improved social media sharing, deeper roster information, and the ability for fans to watch the Little Giants, purchase photos, and have the latest information as it happens.

A project of this magnitude could not have been completed without incredible leadership and management of Brad Weaver and Howard Hewitt, slick programming by Mark Siegel and Tyler Koch, beautiful design by Kim Johnson, and, of course, Brent Harris’ non-stop attention to the details of the sports site construction. Along the way, our work has been guided by a committee comprising Jenn Abbott, Lexi Hoerl, Dan Rogers, Bob Royalty, Chad Westphal, Chip Timmons, Tosh Everson, and students Kenny Farris and Paul Liu. And these are just a few of the people whose work made this new site possible.

It’s amazing that virtually all of this was done with our own people — working at their best with a Wabash Always Fights attitude.

Sure, there will be hiccups along the way as we transition well more than 100,000 pages of stories, tools, photos, and resources. There’s a lot of work to be done. But at this moment early on a Friday morning on the eve of Freshman Saturday, I’m proud of my colleagues and their commitment to giving Wabash a fresh face on the world wide web.