The newspaper box is in front of Milligan Flowers on Main Street.

Howard Hewitt, Bachelor Advisor – The Student Voice of Wabash College got a little bigger audience today and not just for the Back to Campus issue.

The Bachelor, in it’s 104th year, started a Back to Campus Issue five years ago. Each year the student newspaper is inserted into Crawfordsville’s Journal Review. The idea is to share with the community not just the start of another school season but Wabash news.

For the past several years, Bachelor staffers have talked about having a distribution point in town. This spring members of Crawfordsville Main Street’s Engage Wabash Committee asked the Bachelor to being downtown distribution.

The box was also added at the request of advertisers.

Dean of Admissions Steve Klein serves on the Main Street committee along with a student representative. With the help of Crawfordsville Realtor Rusty Carter, a newspaper box was put in place this week just in time for the Back to Campus issue.

Bachelor distribution will now include the downtown box for each issue. The Bachelor staff published its award-winning Back to Campus paper today. The staff begins its usual Friday publication schedule beginning Sept. 9.