Bon Appetit A Big Hit at Taste of Montgomery County

Bon Appetit General Manager Mary Jo Johnston, cook Brandon Townsend, Brad Vest '11, and Kecia Tatman

Howard W. Hewitt

Bon Appetit has always done special events around campus with flair. Besides making sure the food is just right, the staff pays attention to the details of decoration and presentation.

The staff must have had a lot of fun participating August28 at the Taste of Montgomery County on the grounds of the Lew Wallace Study. Decked out in 1950s clothing and with a booth dressed up as an old-fashioned soda fountain, the campus caterer took home several of the event’s major prizes.

The ladies even had their poodle skirts!

Bon Appetit won the judge’s choice award for showmanship and the people’s choice award for showmanship. And don’t thing that’s a fluke because it was the third straight year Bon Appetit won the popular vote!

The booth was also named best overall vendor for the food fest.

Bon Appetit served up Local Root Beer Floats with vanilla ice cream from Swiss Connection, Clay City, In., and regional root beer from Sprechers, Glendale, WI. They served up Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Fair Oaks Farms Gouda and Sheridan, Indiana’s Homestead Growers’ tomatoes and onions.

  1. Hey what about Triple XXX Root Beer in West Lafayette!! Indiana company and a stones throw from you guys?

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