Freshmen Bloggers Ready to Document First Year

Many believe blogging or keeping a journal was part of the early stages of social media. Wabash is entering its fifth year of presenting student bloggers.

Around here we like to say “Wabash Men Speak for Themselves” and no where is that more true than in our blogs. Unlike some colleges and universities we do not edit student blogs. Sure, we give them guidelines and choose the young men carefully. But we urge them to be honest – to write about the good days and the bad.

Public Affairs Kim Johnson takes photos of John Decker '14 near Hays Hall

Each year Admissions and Information Technology send the incoming class a marketing survey to evaluate the tools we use in recruiting. The students are asked about the blogs, which ones they read, and how often they read them. And we ask if they would be interested in becoming a freshman blogger.

We were really surprised by the numbers the first year but not any more. We get an average of 50 young men express initial interest. We follow up with a fairly detailed questionnaire to help us make our decision. About 15 of those 40 will return the questionnaire then Chip Timmons and I will interview 4-6 to make the final selection.

Scotty Cameron

We’re not looking for anything more than a young man interested in sharing his first year story, a commitment to the job, and some enthusiasm for Wabash College. We want them to tell the whole story. We don’t select them to be cheerleaders but they are our best ambassadors. We don’t edit them like a classroom English paper, though we’ve been known to correct a few words spelled incorrectly. What you read on our student blogs is honest, blemishes and all!

The guys are off and running. They’ve endured a half-hour photo shoot, a video interview, and their first venture into the world of “Tweeting.”

We will largely allow the students to introduce themselves in their first few blogs, but here is a brief look at our 2014 crew.

Scotty Cameron ’14 is from Rushville, In. with a big interest in technology. He graduated from Rushville High School with academic honors. He hopes to write for the Bachelor and join the Glee Club. Those on campus will recognize him from the little black hat he wears most days.

John Decker ’14, LaPorte, In., doesn’t usually wear a hat but he is easy to pick out of a crowd. The Little Giant tennis player is about 6-foot, 8-inches tall. The affable young man is interested in Education and Political Science. Back in LaPorte he was a tennis instructor, Cadet Teacher, Hoosier Boys State Delegate, and captain of his high school’s lacrosse team.

Steven Hinojosa

Steven Hinojosa ’14 is from Harlingen, Texas. Steven follows several southern Texas men to Wabash College. Steven plans to major in chemistry and has a big interest in music.

He got excited about blogging and Wabash while reading sophomore Ryan Lutz’s blog last year.

Bradley Wise ’14, Monroe, GA., is also a long way from home but is part of the Wabash swim team family already.

Bradley Wise

Bradley and his twin brother Scott went different directions for college but the Georgia native is quickly embracing Wabash traditions. He was an outstanding student at Social Circle High School, active in his church, and swim team activities.

Each of the young men will be blogging 2-3 times a week. Following the freshmen bloggers is a great way to learn about life at Wabash College.