Field Showing Progress with More Turf Going Down

Photo by Kyle Bender ’12, Tuesday afternoon, 8-10-2010

Workers made steady progress Tuesday on turf installation. The five-yard strips of turf continue to go down. The hash marks and numbers, field lettering all go down after the turf is in place.

Check out the photos for a close look at how the pieces are sewn together. There’s also a couple of shots from the continued drainage work at the new baseball field. Click here.

  1. Brenda MClintic

    These pictures are great. It is so amazing watching the progress and how it all gets done. Thanks for keeping everyone informed.

  2. Brenda – ditto on your comments! I hope I can sit by you and “Coach McLintic” at some games this year! I was on campus yesterday and it looks awesome. I am looking forward to the season as I am sure you are too.

    K House

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