The wrinkles remind the average observer that Field Turf is a lot like carpet.

Howard W. Hewitt

– Work continues in the stifling heat at Hollett Little Giant Stadium. Workers have been laying turf down around the main playing field which is covered.

One of the more noticable highlights will be the coaches’ box and side field lines which are a bright white. Workers were laying turf on the visitor’s side of the field Friday morning with the other three sides yet to come.

See photos shot Friday morning here.

Matt Sanchez, the project foreman for Field Turf, said Monday the project takes about 14 days. After five days of progress, it’s easy to see how the labor-intensive project takes that long. The field hash marks have to be cut and sewn in along with all of the lettering.

Field work behind the Allen Center at the baseball field seem largely concentrated on drainage Friday.