Howard W. Hewitt – Freshmen are somewhat overwhelmed the first few days of orientation. They are learning their way around, registering for classes, and being given lots of advice.

Sometimes it takes a gimmick to make a point. Members of the College’s WAR Council think there is nothing wrong with that! What teenage guy doesn’t drink gatorade? And, if there is a point to be made — all the better!

The Council members, who promote peer education on alcohol habits, wanted to be at Monday night’s behavior talk about the Gentleman’s Rule. But they couldn’t resolve logistics so instead headed to Salter Hall Tuesday night for the tail end of the new students’ session with career services.

"We wanted to create a positive image of the WAR Council right off the bat," said President Jacob Surface ’11. "In the past a lot of people have thought the War Council was a nancy-no-fun group. We really want to show them that we like to have fun but we want to make sure everybody on campus is safe."

Last spring the War Council presented a "six pack" of talks on alcohol education. They kept up the six pack theme Tuesday night by giving each freshman a six pack of Gatorade.

"Besides being a public relations type event, it is to keep the freshmen excited at this point in the orientation," Surface said. "We know they can get down and tired, especially the athletes. Gatorade is a great way to keep them hydrated and show them that Wabash is a great place where they’re going to have a lot of opportunities and some free stuff."

Surface gave special recognition to WAR Council advisor Mark Colston and Patrick Griffith ’10 for their efforts organizing the event. Colston noted that Menards in Lafayette was a big help in getting 265 six packs of Gatorade for the event.

The WAR council was created by a grant from the NCAA.

In photos: Top left, freshmen make off with six packs of Gatorade. Lower right, freshman Jeffry Bohorquez.