Howard W. Hewitt – Wabash’s Class of 2013 ended its five days of orientation Wednesday night by having ice cream with President and Mrs. White.

See a photo album here.

The tradition is a fun one. The President clearly enjoys the chance to shake hands, share a story about a hometown, or ask the young men how they’re doing.

Chris White is ever the gracious hostess encouraging the young men to walk through Elston Homestead, the Presidential home. Or she’s pointing out the restrooms, available water, and ever welcoming to the new students.

For the freshmen you get the sense that it’s a relief to get down to business. The long days of orientation, registration, fraternity rush, moving in, buying books and all of the other tasks are now over.

The students have their first Wabash classroom experience Thursday (Aug. 27). You get the feeling they’re more than ready for it all to begin!

And if you just can’t ever get enough of "Old Wabash," the evening ends with the President and freshman singing Old Wabash.