Little Giant football Coach Chris Creighton had a big Chapel Talk crowd on its feet Thursday morning ready to storm down 231 to keep possession of the Monon Bell.

In what has become an annual tradition, Creighton delivered a fiery Chapel Talk in preparation for Saturday’s 114th Monon Bell Classic. The entire Wabash Community filed out of the Chapel for a community photo following the talks.

Creighton, in his seventh year, talked about his team’s “passion” theme throughout his remarks. Four seniors preceded Creighton to the podium to reflect on the rivalry.

But it was Creighton’s closing remarks which had the Little Giants ready for battle. He talked about how people always want to talk about matchups in a big game. Then he read comments from each football senior on what the word passion meant to them.

One by one each senior stood as Creighton read their words. “I’ll those guys against anyone, any where, anytime,” he told the crowd. The attendees then gave the seniors a prolonged standing ovation.

Creighton then asked anyone in the Chapel who loved Wabash to please stand. He then brought the crowd to a roar declaring, “If you want to talk about matchups, it’s all of us against all of them.”

Senior All-American linebacker, who opened the Chapel remarks, took it a step further than his coach.  He called Wabash football and being a Wabash student a “lifestyle.”

“How bad to they want it on Feb. 13 at 6 a.m. when we’re trudging across campus to go to weight lifting,” Pynenberg asked. “As a football player, a football team, and the Wabash community, I say to DePauw: Come take this Bell from us. I dare you!”

Andy Deig followed Pynenberg with similar themes. “Being a part of the Wabash community is hard,” he said. “Once you come here you have to stay tough.”

He got the day’s biggest laugh when he talked about the football team’s fashion statement. “Does half of their campus have a Mohawk right now?”

Many, but not all, of the football team members shaved their heads into Mohawks this week.

Mike Russell talked about the team’s 1-0 approach to the season. The team simply seeks to be 1-0 each week, “no matter what happens the week before.”

“Saturday is our chance to show what Wabash College is all about.”

Richard Roomes talked about the team’s desire to suffocate opponents. He recalled a game last season against Allegheny which the Little Giants led 35-7 in the third quarter. The Gators stormed back to within a touchdown before Wabash recorded the win.

“Suffocate also translates into our (all Wabash men) pursuit of excellence,” Roomes said. “We’re a different breed. We are men who wish not to wallow in mediocrity.”

A full Podcast of Thursday’s Chapel Talk will be online Monday.

In photos: Top to bottom: Creighton, Pynenberg, Deig, Russell, Roomes.