Howard W. Hewitt – Jim Amidon doesn’t hand out a lot of “assignments” as our boss. It’s just not his style. But when he does it’s usually something really important like a professor receiving an important grant for research or the latest national rankings survey.

So when he made a request Thursday, I was prepared to delve into the intricate details of some topic that requires a little more brain power than updating a website page. Instead, he suggested Kim Johnson and I take an hour and do a walking tour of campus to shoot some fall photos. Now that’s an assignment we eagerly embraced!

Kim has lived in Montgomery County most of her life. I’ve been at Wabash three years. Still, it never ceases to amaze me that when we pick up our cameras we find new angles, new color, new views of old sites.

We take these photos for various publications we produce year round. And sometimes the shots are used to highlight a certain building’s location. Here is Kim’s photo album; click here for the photos I shot.

All of the photos in the album were shot Thursday. But the one on this page I took about a week and a half ago. It best illustrates what I mean when suggesting we often see something new.

I was walking through the Aboretum on my way to cover the Moot Court competition. I noticed the setting sun just skimming across the top of the trees. The tops of the trees were ablaze with color. It was stunning. I’m not even sure the picture does it justice.

So take a look around on your next stroll and you might be surprised at the beauty you pass daily.