My name is Owen Hauber and I am in the class of 2025 here at Wabash. I plan to be a biochemistry major and am a Delta Tau Delta brother. Before this summer I did not know if I wanted to do a summer internship because I had just finished an exhausting semester and I didn’t feel like I would like to be on campus for another six weeks. I decided to do it this summer because I told myself, “one of the main reasons I picked Wabash was for the research opportunities as an undergraduate.” Because of that, I decided to do it, obviously. Now that I am here, I am very glad I decided to come back for the summer. I work with Dr. Burton in the biology department researching the regeneration of aquatic worms. In the lab, I have learned a lot about what working in a lab is like and how to work with a scientist with a Ph.D. I have also learned many good skills, like how to properly make solutions in the lab, how to work in the lab with live animals, and how to use and maintain expensive lab equipment. What I am doing right now is directly related to what we have learned in the classroom as well. In the classroom, we learned about many different types of living organisms, and annelids (the worms that we are working on) were one of the many groups of organisms we talked about. So I was able to use that information to help me with the annelids in the lab.  Overall, I have learned a lot about how a job in science works and I have gained valuable experience that will surely help me get a job in the future. Lastly, I would love to thank the Wabash Biology Department and all donors for the funds in order to do the summer research, I would also like to thank Dr. Burton for the opportunity he provided me with the summer, it was a great experience.

The lab where Hauber ’25 conducted his research this summer.
Image of the annelids(aquatic worms) Hauber ’25 spent the summer studying.