Frank Ruvoli ’13 presented the first week of the Business Innovation Program (BIP) on his Wabash journey, entrepreneurship endeavors in real estate, steps to begin a successful business, and much more. Bringing positive energy to the third floor of Fusion 54 in downtown Crawfordsville, the 19 rising sophomore interns in the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE), including myself, listened carefully. Not knowing what Frank Ruvoli ’13 wanted to do professionally for the rest of his life, he took a calculated chance by working part-time to earn enough money to cover expenses while starting multiple businesses in the baseball industry. Some were successful while others were not; however, Frank Ruvoli ’13 learned a lot about himself and the value he could bring to the marketplace- particularly people.

Furthermore, Frank Ruvoli ’13 then discussed the real estate company he is a partner in today. Leading a team of associates in his real estate company isn’t easy, as Wabash likes to tell its students. But Frank Ruvoli ’13 finds it challenging but fulfilling and rewarding. Besides baseball and real estate, he has a record label that books artists for local bars in the northwest region of Indiana. In particular, Frank Ruvoli ’13 explained his four-step business process: having a product, managing operations, making money, and repeating. There are many ways to begin, operate, and lead a successful business, but Frank Ruvoli ’13 broke down his business philosophy in simple steps.

As a result, I learned much about what it takes to be an inspiring young entrepreneur, thanks to Frank Ruvoli ’13. I’m not sure if I want to start a business one day, but if I do, I will apply his teachings, knowledge, and wisdom. Thank you to Cassie Hagan and Anthony Mendez ’20 for putting together and leading the BIP this summer.

Frank Ruvoli ’13 discussing his journey and stories as a serial entrepreneur