Of the alumni training sessions thus far in the summer BIP program, Sam’s personal goal setting session was one of the most applicable and interactive. We were provided a framework for setting goals, applying his processes to our personal goals and we learned how to take steps to meet these goals. By personalizing his presentation and providing a clear way for us to directly apply the concepts we were taught, he inspired me to begin tracking my progress more thoroughly.

            Although the hard skills of the business world are important to acquire, skills like goal setting are crucial for long term success. The goal setting session provided me with this clarity to start taking the right steps to achieve my goals; short and long term. Personal goal setting is one of many soft skills that the BIP has introduced through alumni training sessions thus far. The SMART acronym outlines the criteria for a goal; they should be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound. Sam explained how he disregards the “R” in the acronym, as Wabash men should shoot for the stars, which I appreciated.


Stewart ’19 explaining to the BIP how to set goals and the importance of them.

Stewart explained that, “ We often overestimate what we can do in a day or a week, but underestimate what we can do in a year.” This perspective helps visualize the impact that opportunities like the BIP can have in the long run. Training sessions for soft skills like goal setting and presentation skills have provided us with valuable knowledge that is crucial in today’s business world.

            Stewart also explained how to identify the fundamental motivators behind your goals, and how to use these to drive you forwards. When goal setting I learned it is important to frame your goals with the right mindset. In order to do so, they should follow the 3 P’s rule: personal, positive and present. These 3 P’s help you write your goals as if you are going to achieve them and leave no room for speculation. By laying this framework we were able to flesh out some of our goals for post-graduation career plans, life goals and athletic goals.