Dr. Christie Byun teaching the BIP interns about business models and plans

Chicken wings. Business Plans. Marketing. All three things were discussed today when Dr. Byun came in and helped out this year’s BIP summer interns. Today Dr. Byun used a topic that everyone knew well, chicken wings, to help approach an easy way of learning about business plans and models when creating your own business. She showed that so many aspects must be looked at before a business owner can solidify how they want their business to run. She showed how many times the little things are overlooked. Because the interns are already creating their businesses, she split them all up into their groups to take a swing at preparing their business plans. The groups worked diligently for about an hour discussing and breaking down every aspect of their future business endeavor to fully grasp the concepts Dr. Byun was preaching. Once finished, everyone discussed their plans, and everyone gave constructive criticism to help their business pitch in the future. By having a day like this, the BIP learned so much more than just business models and plans. They learned how to reach a larger market, how to find the people they wanted to target, how to control the controllable, and so much more. This provided benefits to every single intern and allowed them to become closer with one of their staff members. This was a very special occasion because the majority of guest speakers brought in are Wabash alums. Instead, Dr.