Jesse Hall ’25 reviews his Signature Theme Report to familiarize with his natural talents: Restorative, Individualization, Analytical, Futuristic, Relator.

Before the BIP summer internship started, we took the CliftonStrengths assessment. After taking the survey we discovered our 5 Signature Themes. Signature Themes are characteristics that we all possess. These themes were used to label our natural tendencies. This helped us in discussion to get a better understanding of everyone in the program and what their tendencies and characteristics are. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and work day, because even though it was the first day, I automatically felt closer to the rest of the guys in the internship.

After that we worked on our elevator pitches, which I found very useful because I find it difficult sometimes to talk about myself. Through practicing our elevator pitches, I became more comfortable and confident when introducing myself to new people. Starting the summer internship off with the Strengths assessment and elevator pitches was very helpful. In our first week we had multiple alumni come by to talk to us. I felt more prepared and confident introducing myself with my short elevator pitch because of the practice we had done before. The Strengths assessment came in handy when we formed our groups for our business pitches. We were able to form balanced groups with the help of the Signature Themes chart.

The Business Innovation Program (BIP) is a seven-week internship for the rising sophomores of the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE). Interns will develop business pitches to present to a panel of alumni judges, learn key business concepts including finance and marketing, develop consulting and project management skills, and sharpen emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Wabash Career Services utilizes Gallup’s world-renowned CliftonStrengths assessment to measure 34 research-validated talent themes to guide the development of those talents into strengths. Students can request access to the CliftonStrengths assessment and schedule a follow-up consultation to learn how to apply this information to career discernment, work and educational settings, personal relationships, and more at