I want to thank the numerous donors and friends of Wabash College whose generous contributions have made internships like mine possible. I’m very grateful to the Wabash College CIBE and Roy Kaplan at Career Services for their help in seeking these wonderful opportunities this summer. Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to my peers and mentors at enFocus and Dr. Saha for providing meaningful and impactful experiences this summer.

I spent a large portion of my summer in South Bend, IN, working as an intern at enFocus, a local non-profit consulting company committed to building innovation in the region. Interns split their work between primary and secondary projects in a 70/30 split. As an industry-side intern, my primary project consisted of data lake development along with data visualization. I spent most of my time creating visualizations in Tableau, and I enjoyed being able to ask the client high-level questions about the desired product while having the freedom to be creative as I developed these automated dashboards. Through my secondary project, I contributed to the development of a program to aid Elkhart Community Schools students amidst a growing era of technology and internet reliance. We performed market and population research to gain a thorough understanding of the underlying problem.

I returned to our beautiful campus for the last four weeks of summer to aid Dr. Sujata Saha in her research on the impact of housing price shocks on different types of consumption. This research work felt familiar as I assisted Dr. Saha in a previous research topic last summer. Like last summer, I enjoyed immersing myself in the literature that I usually wouldn’t find myself reading. In addition to performing a literature review and searching for sources related to the topic in mind, I collected and cleaned data before performing regression analyses.

I could not have asked for a better summer experience. I am incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to enjoy the best of both non-profit consulting and economic research. I also made numerous great connections throughout these internships, and I enjoyed experiencing a new city this summer.