Willie Kadel ’22 — First, I would like to thank the Dill Family Fund for granting me this opportunity to grow in my professional career at Hoosier Heartland State Bank. I would also like to thank Lacey Rogers and Lana Buck for their help in offering this great experience to me. They gave me the opportunity to learn about many aspects of banking. From the teller line to human resources, to marketing, they were there to guide and teach me the in’s and out’s. Because of this experience, I found a great interest in marketing and banking.

This summer, as a marketing intern I was in charge of assisting the marketing team wherever possible. Typically, this meant scheduling and posting social media content. During my 8 weeks with HHSB, I scheduled 3 posts weekly highlighting our team, the bank, and most importantly our community. Outside of social media, I assisted the marketing team in event planning for both community events and other customer events such as the upcoming Ag-Expo in Montgomery County. The best part of this internship was the work I got to do promoting these events. I spent lots of time utilizing and honing my Photoshop and Illustrator skills to create appealing flyers, newspaper ads, and even posters for our various events.

Overall, throughout my experience, I learned how to play my part in the team to achieve something great. I learned about the community and all the great things we are doing to make the area we live in a better place. Once again, I’d like to thank the Dill Family Fund, Hoosier Heartland State Bank, and the Wabash Career Services Office for this opportunity.