Charlie Brady ’23 —¬†First, I would first like to say a big thank you to the Wabash Public Policy Project (WPPP) and the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College for making my internship a reality. Without these incredible programs and the generous donors at Wabash, students have these meaningful opportunities.

This summer, I spent my time interning at the Office of Indiana Attorney General in the Data Privacy and Identity Theft Sector. While working for the Indiana Attorney General, I gained many new skills, including how to write memos and research ongoing cases. With these skills, I worked on Westlaw, Microsoft Teams, Lexis, and Salesforce. From my experience at Wabash, I have learned that writing is one of the most valuable skills that employers look for in the hiring process. My writing this summer improved tremendously because of the great mentors and resources the office provided.

Furthermore, I researched an ongoing case that included financial fraud with multiple companies. These companies were pharmacies, real-estate agencies, and consulting firms that moved money without being traced. Working on this case, I spent my time doing investigation work. The investigation work included going through bank accounts and financial statements to pinpoint the illegal flow of money. The investigation was very tedious but satisfying because of the progress we made that was impacting a case. Through this work, I am so grateful that I had the chance to meet so many lawyers and new friends. No matter what industry you are in, I have learned that creating new friendships and connections is vital to your success.

Lastly, I would like to thank Doug Swetnam ’88 and Heather Shumaker for their mentorship and professional advice. Without them this summer, I would not have gained the skills and knowledge this internship offered. All in all, I could not be more grateful to Wabash for connecting me to these astonishing individuals.