Max Kercheval ’23 — This summer, I interned at a company called Pneuma Media, LLC through the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College. I would like to thank Wabash and CIBE for being able to provide funding for this wonderful experience! More specifically, I would like to thank Associate Dean Roland Morin ’91, CIBE Senior Fellow Anthony Mendez ’20, and my mentor David Riggs ’20 for the growth I have achieved this summer!

At Pneuma, I was mentored by David Riggs ’20, Founder and CEO at Pneuma Media LLC. Some of my tasks for the summer included working in programs like Airtable, Google Workspace, Slack, etc. I was given the role as a Sales Development Representative this summer as well as working in a Partnership role for Pneuma. I was tasked with finding good leads through cold outreach, referral scrapping, and LinkedIn connections to pitch prospects opportunities of Website Redesign/Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy. I would also use my mentor David for any additional advice when it came to sales and life in general!

The last two months I have been tasked with finding prospects and qualified leads to take through the Pneuma Sales Process. The end goal of this being to help those in need of a brand-new website and/or a solid SEO Strategy. I would meet with the prospects and present a deck of potential opportunities as well as case studies. I would also be looking out for companies who meet the qualifications of Pneuma’s Partnership Program. I would meet with the heads of these companies and present a deck of what the general partnership would entail, as well as the monetary gain that could be given to both parties if the partnership was to take place.

Something I am grateful for learning with this experience is learning to be adaptable. With this internship, there were times where I was having to learn a lot on the fly and learn it fast, and I was able to adapt well with the help of David Riggs ’20 and the team to get me up to speed. Having the presence of mind to do this has enhanced my adaptability and being outgoing to learn new things, even if they seem scary. Having learned this critical skill will help me tremendously with the rest of my time at Wabash and Again, I could not be more thankful to Associate Dean Roland Morin ’91, CIBE Senior Fellow Anthony Mendez ’20, David Riggs ’20, and the entire Pneuma Media, LLC family for giving me this wonderful opportunity to showcase my knowledge and help me grow and develop more than I ever thought I could!