Hugo Garcia ’23 — This summer, I got the extraordinary opportunity to intern for VAST Creative Co. in Merryville, IN. VAST is a branding agency that specializes in marketing. They work with clients by helping them grow through their photography, social media management, consulting, and activating their business. This internship took place close to home, which made it an easy commute to and from work. I want to start off by saying a special thanks to Dr. Roy Kaplan and the Wabash Liberal Arts Immersion Program (WALIP). The WLAIP helped me secure this internship through the funds they provided me. Dr. Roy Kaplan did a tremendous amount of work in helping all the students obtain their first internship and make the process as smooth as possible!

As an intern, I had little to no experience working in the marketing field. I quickly learned and adjusted to the needs of the position. VAST did an excellent job in exposing several aspects and roles of the marketing company. This being said, I played a big role in a social media management role. I helped manage the accounts of several Facebook and Instagram accounts. I helped write copy and design social media graphics and stories. I helped with photography scenes and learned what looks appealing to the eye and sells. Likewise, I also learned how to work with several platforms that are used in the real world. This helped me immensely because I have more tools in my pocket to work the different applications and make them make my money.

This internship has taught me how relationships in the business world are handled, as well as the several skills I learned that are listed above. This internship was possible thanks to the WLAIP with the guidance and aid they gave me. I could not be thankful enough for the opportunity. It was truly an awesome experience that I was able to do while being reimbursed for the work I did. It opened my eyes to what I want to do in the future as a career. It was amazing being able to do something new and learning at the same time.