Sammy Lebron ’22 — To begin, I am eager to express my gratitude to both Wabash College and Professor Heidi Winters-Vogel for sponsoring my summer of 2021 internship. I was given the freedom to work entirely from home during my 8 week experience, which I especially appreciate. My internship mainly consisted of two projects, both relating to the field of theatre. During the day I helped with the creation of an online educational resource, while in the evening I worked with a theater company. 

For the first part of my internship, I worked with Professor Vogel on the creation of an online educational resource from Virginia Tech libraries. The resource is meant to aid educators in the teaching of a special kind of performance called “Playback Theatre,” which is a form of improvisational storytelling. When published, college and university faculty anywhere will be able to access the resource and use it to help teach their students. My main task was to edit videos but I also slightly helped with creating the OER’s guidebook. My work hours were very flexible as I was given the liberty to work independently while following reasonable deadlines.

Next, I served as Professor Vogel’s assistant director in a production of Clue by Crossroads Repertory Theatre. My experience working with CRT was a phenomenal one, as I was able to learn from all the different professionals that were involved. I attended weekly and daily meetings with the various people involved such as the actors, producers, stage management team, etc. I essentially lent a hand wherever assistance was needed, while at the same time helped to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible for the actors. 

The full experience of my internship was one I consider to be both gratifying and rewarding. I was able to do work that was meaningful to me while at the same time expanding my pool of skills. Thank you again to Professor Vogel and Wabash