Liam Thompson ’23 — This summer, I have been fortunate enough to work virtually with alumni Michael Dockendorf and Tim Trela from the Peakstone Group in Chicago, IL, alongside fellow student Quinn Leous ’23 and the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College. I would like to thank the DILL Small Business Fund for funding my experience and affording me such a unique opportunity to work on captivating projects.  

The Peakstone Group was named the #1 lower middle market investment bank for 2021’s second quarter by Axial. As an analyst intern, my main responsibilities include researching prospective companies and providing a variety of data for the Peakstone team. My daily activities include conducting individual research, along with communicating with Michael, Tim, Quinn, and other members of the team. Along with developing communication and research skills, I have worked on creating and editing presentable slide decks and teasers for clients and potential clients. Another component of the internship which I have benefitted greatly from is the opportunity to listen in on and take notes on calls within the Peakstone team and with partners and prospective clients. The experience and professionalism brought to the table by Michael and Tim, as well as by the rest of the Peakstone team have afforded me an excellent example of how to go about conducting business in the private equity realm as well as in the business world in general.  

Another main aspect of my research is exploring the concept of a potential alumni commerce platform. In our research, we have explored best practices from comparable institutions as well as develop a model which could be used at Wabash. Through conversations with a select group of alumni, we are working to determine how Wabash could best benefit its students and alumni base using such a platform. Through these presentations and discussions, I have been able to sharpen my confidence and ability to present and receive feedback on a concept which we have greatly shaped and developed.