Nicholas Logan ’24 — My name is Nicholas Logan and this summer I interned with Safe Hiring Solutions, based out of Danville, Illinois. I want to first start off by thanking all of those who were instrumental in allowing me this incredible opportunity. To Roland Morin, Anthony Mendez, and Alejandro Reyna, I want to thank you all for the countless hours that you invested in all of us with the various zoom meetings, case studies, and the extensive preparation required to ensure we had a memorable experience. Another huge thank you goes out to Wabash College, the CIBE, and Career Services for the opportunity to participate in the Business Innovation Program along with my fellow rising sophomores in the CIBE. Lastly, I would like to thank Mike McCarty, Lauren Thomas, Isaac Wynne, and the wonderful team at Safe Hiring Solutions. They have welcomed me with open arms and have provided an invaluable business experience.

My internship this summer was a unique experience. Mainly due to the fact that I have not set one foot into our office spaces, met a staff member face-to-face, and occasionally hopped on Zoom calls to discuss an agenda for the week or a particular day. Not to say that my internship wasn’t hands-on because those that I worked with were incredibly helpful and always provided valuable insight when asked. A lot of my work had to be self-motivated, as I am sure many others who had virtual internships can attest to. Normally, I was given a task and asked to complete it. If I had questions, concerns, or anything else related to what I had to do, I was encouraged to ask. In all honesty, it was a new and refreshing way to work that I hadn’t experienced up until this point.

Many of the experiences that I gained with Safe Hiring Solutions will undoubtedly come to fruition in my future, regardless of the career path that I decide to take. While interning, I was asked to write blogs, create social media posts, and conduct various forms of research. There was no set formula for me to follow when completing tasks like these. But my limited time at Wabash has instilled certain principles that enabled me to adapt quickly. All of the essays that I wrote throughout the year set me up for success when having to write a short blog on a new product or service that we offered. Time management skills that I learned throughout the year allowed for me to streamline my research process. And innovative ways of thinking that Wabash harps on allowed for me to create unique social media posts. Everything

This rewarding experience has taught me the value of not only the Wabash network, such as the CIBE and Career Services offices but also the applicability of a Wabash education. The skills taught at Wabash are skills that I unknowingly use every day, whether that be for an internship or real life. The insight that I have gained these past eight weeks has only made my interest in the business and finance world grow, and I look forward to the opportunities that Wabash will provide in the future.