Jerry Little ’24 — My internship at Crooked Creek Food Pantry taught me a lot about not judging a book my its cover and that everyone has their own story. It taught me that even when people are bitter and angry at the world even if they have no reason to take that out on you; the best thing you can do for that person is stay positive and try to shine some light on their life. Some people just need a nudge in the right direction to change their day.

Additionally, I was able to expand my Spanish skills drastically and even talk with a Dominican Employee in Spanish about the cultural, racial, political, and economic issues within the Latino community. My practice allowed me to talk to clients of the Pantry in Spanish and occasionally provide a level of care they would not have otherwise received, aside from Maggie a Spanish speaking manager.

But one of the main takeaways I learned was how fun work can be and how important it is to create a fun and purposeful workplace environment so that people are happy to come in everyday and make a difference, joke, laugh, help, and engage with their peers. The Crooked Creek team and interns made the experience much better and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Jill, for the opportunity, I would recommend to others! Additionally, the volunteers as the pantry were great people that definitely rubbed off on me, great people to be around and really took pride in helping the community. I admire and aspire to take on some of their characteristics.