Winter ’21: Adorant Group

The past two summers I have had the privilege of interning with Adorant Group out of Chicago. Adorant Group is a fintech company that delivers client and advisor facing tools. We help financial advisors nurture, plan, and manage their clients. My role of Business Development Associate was focused on sales, marketing, and business operations. 80% of my time was focused on reaching out to potential advisors and firms that may be a good fit for our platform. Since my experience last summer, I was able to shake off some of the green that can be expected in a new sales role. I felt calm and direct when speaking to prospects. Knowing the platform, inside and out, has given me greater confidence in my sales abilities.

An important part of sales is understanding the pain of your prospects and how your tool/widget can solve those pains. Finding the prospects pain is one of the most important lessons that I have learned. A good salesperson needs to locate and revel in the prospects pain. Once the pain is pointed out the salesperson can jump into questions that further reveal the issue. What could be working better at the office? Why is it important? What would be different if you could fix X pain? Would that increase your revenue? These questions help focus on the needs, wants, and desires that the prospect is trying to attain.

Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have had over the past three summers. Adorant group, the Small Business Internship Fund, and the CIBE have granted me real world experience and application in the field of sales. I feel both prepared and excited for interviews and experiences that will arise in my coming senior year. My Wabash liberal arts education has allowed me to traverse the topics of sales, marketing, and technology. Through trial and tribulation Wabash has pushed me to learn on my feet. The power of learning is the greatest tool that I have gained from my Wabash experience.