Hello, my name is Max Kercheval. I am a rising sophomore at Wabash College and this summer I interned at a company called Trek10 through the CIBE program. At Trek10, I was mentored by Shane Fimbelthe Co-Founder and CEO of the company. Some of my tasks for the summer included working in programs like Google Spreadsheets, Salesforces, Y-Combinator, etc. I was tasked with many projects this summer that keep me busy and excited for what was next. I was given tasks like sorting through the Trek10 Google Drive and Salesforce account and looking for documents like NDA’s, MSA’s, and SOW’s that Trek10 may have with the clients in these two places. Another project I had worked on was creating heatmaps through a program called HotJar. I would copy each URL from each tab of the Trek10 website and put in through the HotJar system to record the number of visits to every page to see where the most traffic is in the Trek10 website. The two most important projects I worked on this summer, however, were going through the master sales spreadsheet of Trek10’s and making Comparative Bar Graphs with totals of sales ranging from present to December of 2018. The end goal of the graphs is to show the trend in which Trek10 is heading with their sales, where their high point was, and where their low point was. The graphs that I have created with these two projects have been used in every sales team meeting since their creation and will continue to be in use after I have finished my internship with Trek10. Something I am grateful for learning with this experience is time management. With this internship, there were times where I was juggling two or three projects at a time and I had to figure out how to divide my time evenly between them. Having the presence of mind to do this has enhanced my way of planning and prepping for the days ahead. Having learned this critical skill will help me tremendously with the rest of my time at Wabash and I could not be more thankful to Roland, Alejandro, Anthony, Shane, and the whole Trek10 family for giving me this wonderful opportunity to showcase my knowledge and help me growand develop more than I ever thought I could!