This summer I was fortunate enough to be able to work remotely for a company called Archon Tech. I did so much and learned even more, from marketing to website development. I began the summer by creating and editing service desk articles for a security software (CSA360) that is used daily by security professionals across the United States. Through working with CSA360 I was able to practice my Amazon Web Service skills (AWS) by launching three separate Amazon instances as well as creating routing policies, CloudWatch alarms and logs. I created documentation for trouble shooting any possible problems within AWS that could come up after my internship has finished. Not only did I set up CloudWatch about the instance, but I was also able to determine the best possible time to perform server maintenance that would have the least likely chance to interrupt and users using the software. Not only did I do software development and IT solutions, but I also was able to practice my sales skills by cold calling over a hundred different security companies. Along with making cold calls, I also created several different user personas and journey maps that are used for further development and marketing of the CSA360 software. By working for Archon Tech I was able to get creative when making these user personas, as well as making a pitch deck that can potentially be used in the future when attempting to gain new cliental. To help CSA360 stay at the top of security software I conducted extensive research on competitors and made a lengthy competitive analysis. Throughout the internship I gained many professional skills that will help me stay competitive for future internships and jobs. These skills include knowledge and use about various software such as Slack, Jira and Salesforce. I learned what it means to work remotely and what is expected of me as far as communication, teamwork and accountability. I was taught how to create pitch decks, user personas as well as how to conduct a competitive analysis. Working for Archon Tech was a dream and I cannot imagine a better way to spend my summer.